BONUS — It’s a Mr. K. Stupidism!

December 19th, 2005
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“Those two are like a mongoose and a scorpion fighting in a bottle…Whoops —I should have said two mongeese. No wait, mongooses like each other. I have it — they’re like two scorpions in a bottle!” Mr. K. in full rhetorical flight while behind the steering wheel, discussing two acquaintances who recently wrecked their own business.

We knew our Stupidism of the Week feature would be a “two-wedged sword,” as another acquaintance recently said in a brave attempt to bolster our already swelling annals of Stupidisms. Sooner or later, we knew, one of us would stumble and mix a metaphor or unwittingly utter a malapropism that we usually use derisively (like “telling an amusing antidote”). And since we’re as merciless with ourselves as we are towards total strangers, we knew we’d be honour-bound to publish our own ridiculous utterances.

What more can we say? This week’s Stupidism is self-explanatory, requiring no “explanation marks” of any kind. Perhaps it’s the thin leading edge of a wedge-shaped sword. In any case, Mr. K. just received a verbal wedgie.

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